Company Profile

Cylinder Resleeving

Our dedicated machinery, which has been developed over the last 25 years will accommodate most types of hydraulic cylinders.

We specialise in all types of cylinder including parallel bore, stepped bore, open and closed ended, twin bore and multi-ported types.

We have over 40 bore sizes in our standard tube range being pre-drawn at the mill from high quality stainless steel with bore sizes ranging from 0.5 to 2.5 I.D. Special individual sleeves above 2.5 and up to 4.0 in diameter can be catered for on request.

Most types of brake cylinders are suitable for re-sleeving eg. Girling, Lockhead, ATE, Bonaldi, Bendix, Clayton, Dunlop, Delco etc.

We offer a clean and sleeve service for self assembly or a complete unit sleeved , fully assembled and pressure tested on our pressure decay equipment ready for fitting.

Surface finish can be either glass bead (Alloy Cylinders) Natural, painted or Zinc plated if required.

Brake Calipers

We have many years experience in the brake caliper market. All Calipers are stripped, cleaned, plated where necessary and assembled using quality pistons and seals. Each unit is fully tested using our computerised pressure decay test equipment.

Stainless steel pistons can be installed on request for most vehicles, please ask for a quote.

Brake Servos

We are able to remanufacture most types of direct and remote acting servos, with our range being constantly developed and updated for further details please enquire.

Please note that all our servo cylinders are sleeved in stainless steel as standard procedure, tested on both pressure decay and fluid pressure equipment which includes vacuum/boost ratio output.